Our goal is to extend our portofolio with companies every year that we want to help both actively and supporting to reach their full potential.


Pitchler is a company that changes the recruitment industry by its digitalization methods. The established platforms doesn’t support either the advertesing companies or the candidates that searches for a job. There are no matching or application support in between them.

Pitchler offers this with its digital toos as a video pitch, personality analysis and a matching engine. Pitchler is targeting the young professionals that today has no platform to express them selves and their requirements are not fullfilled.


In a global world with increasing competition and ever-faster development, all organizations need to work on innovation in various forms. We help organizations establish working methods so that innovations are created more often, in strategic areas and in a cost-effective way.

Innovate Now

Innovate Now Innovate Now is as its name, an innovation company that creates and develop new digital solutions for the forest industry. The Swedish forest- and tree industry turnover €20 billion a year and have over 70 000 employees, even though it gets very little attention among startups and innovators.

Innovate Now has identified that opening and will roll-out solutions the next coming years.

The VXO Company

The VXO Company is a holding company that owns and develops fully owned affiliated companies in beverage industry. They work as a group to create concept, synergy and economies. By is affiliated companies they own the total value chain from field to gold.

The VXO Company business idea is to develop new products, services and concepts to be able to give its share holders money in return for their investment.

Their vision is to be the best in Sweden in the premium segement in beverage industry. Their target is to build business trademarks that their customers will love.