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Kristian Elmefall and Peter Thorin are the founders of Digital Venture. We are serial entrepreneurs with background in IT and longtime consultancy experience from a great number of industries and companies of all sizes. We have been working in leading positions and boards for the last 15 years and are now working as management consultants and investors.

During the years we have been collecting tools that works in fast changing, uncertain environments like innovation processes, companies with exponential growth and start-ups. These tools Eric Ries, Steve Blank etc. have now collected under the umbrella called Lean Start-Up. We help companies apply these tools in different scenarios.

In the innovation scenario there are two different cases. The first is the innovator with an idea that needs to be packaged and launch in the market. Here we help with planning, strategy and execution, working with tools like Business Model Canvas (BMC), Minimal Viable Product and Growth Hacking.

Second case is when a larger company wants help with challenging parts of their business model, assess their innovation process or to launch a new venture. In this situation we look at the innovation process, the decision making on which projects to bet on, help document and evolve the business model and help take products to market with tools like those mentioned above.

Companies with up to 100 employees that needs to take their organization to a more professional state and kick in a new gear to get to a new level can benefit from our Acceleration offering. In this stage of a companys life, a lot is still very uncertain and the budget to perform some absolute necessary actions is still very limited. Thus some of the same tools like those for Innovation is suitable to apply, even though in a slightly different manner. Example of such tools are BMC and growth hacking. Necessary in this stage is also looking at the business processes, customer focus and use tools like Focus Framework.

No one questions the significance of the cogwheel for the industrialization. As I write this there is another paradigm shift going on, called digitalization, that still lacks focus within many management teams and boards. With techniques like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data revolutionize businesses and business models everywhere, this is very cumbersome and will cause a lot of companies to be disrupted or at least lose their position within the market. A big problem when addressing this question is the lack of combined knowledge of digitalization, management and business models, which makes it hard for many companies to understand the possibilities and the threats of digitalization.

Kristian and Peter, with their background within IT and experience as managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, possess a unique combination of understanding digitalization and business development. With this competence we help companies to strengthen their boards or management teams and to challenge business models and ways of working.


Pitchler is a company that changes the recruitment industry by its digitalization methods. The established platforms doesn’t support either the advertesing companies or the candidates that searches for a job. There are no matching or application support in between them.

Pitchler offers this with its digital toos as a video pitch, personality analysis and a matching engine. Pitchler is targeting the young professionals that today has no platform to express them selves and their requirements are not fullfilled.


The VXO Company

The VXO Company is a holding company that owns and develops fully owned affiliated companies in beverage industry. They work as a group to create concept, synergy and economies. By is affiliated companies they own the total value chain from field to gold.

The VXO Company business idea is to develop new products, services and concepts to be able to give its share holders money in return for their investment.

Their vision is to be the best in Sweden in the premium segement in beverage industry. Their target is to build business trademarks that their customers will love.


Innovate Now Innovate Now is as its name, an innovation company that creates and develop new digital solutions for the forest industry. The Swedish forest- and tree industry turnover €20 billion a year and have over 70 000 employees, even though it gets very little attention among startups and innovators.

Innovate Now has identified that opening and will roll-out solutions the next coming years.


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